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Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing Services

Damp, leaky basements are hazardous for a number of reasons. Besides the unpleasant odour and soggy film on the walls and floor that accompanies a dank, wet basement, there are health issues that can arise. Respiratory problems and allergies can crop up when your basement is too damp. We offer waterproofing to prevent these issues because when your own house makes you sneeze and wheeze, it’s not an ideal living situation.

Calgary waterproofing services

Any Calgary home with a basement should be waterproofed. We service Calgary and its surrounding areas and when you contact us, you always get superior customer service. Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. is known as one of the best plumbing and appliance repair companies in Alberta because we respond to every call promptly. There is no time delay when you call us. If you want your basement waterproofed, we will be there, ready to work. We do not take our customers for granted and understand that you have a schedule that you need to keep. Our skilled plumbers will work around your schedule so that your day is not interrupted.

Interior and exterior basement waterproofing services

We offer both internal and external waterproofing services because each home is different. Not all basements are created equally and our technicians will determine which is best for your home. You may require both interior and exterior waterproofing depending on the state of your house.

Interior waterproofing involves the use of coatings in areas where condensation is the main cause of wetness and dampness. On the other hand, exterior waterproofing involves excavating the bottom of the basements footings following by a power washing of the walls. Once the walls are dry they are sealed with a waterproofing membrane and weeping tiles (special draining tiles) are installed at the side of the footing.

What causes the need for waterproofing?

The culprit is always water; hence, the need for waterproofing. However, there are numerous factors involved that cause a home to require waterproofing. For example, concrete is generally used in home construction and if air pockets are not removed from the mixture, concrete will crack. These cracks allow water to enter through the concrete wall. Soil erosion and clogged gutters and downspouts also lead to water entering the home.

How do you know if you need our waterproofing services?

In order to find out if you need to have your basement waterproofed look for cracked walls, buckling walls (when the walls appear to bow inward), peeling or bubbling paint, efflorescence (a white powdery substance that forms on basement walls close to the floor) and mould which can become very dangerous if not taken care of. Prolonged exposure to mould can lead to breathing issues and illness.

Nobody wants to live with wet walls and foul odours. Contact us today for more information about our basement waterproofing services. You deserve to be able to breathe properly in your own home.