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Gas Fitting Services

As natural gas becomes more and more popular in Alberta, gas fitting services are something we take very seriously. Like all the services we offer at Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. we are pleased to provide professionally trained gas fitters to deal with any natural gas related needs you may have.

What do gas fitters do and why should you use our services?

Gas fitters are responsible for the installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of gas lines and gas equipment (meters, regulators, heating units, appliances). Our team of professional gas fitters can service pipes, valves and meters that distribute natural gas from the gas main to the gas fixtures in your home or business. Everything from furnaces to stoves to barbecues can run on natural gas, and it is the job of our gas fitters to ensure that each piece of equipment runs smoothly at all times.

It’s important to use the gas fitting services of a professional like the ones we employ because there are many industry standards and safety practices that must be adhered to when working with natural gas. Our team of gas fitters know these standards and practices better than they know themselves, which is saying a lot! Our gas fitters are trained to safely deal with gas plumbing fittings and maintain the highest level of excellence with each job they undertake. You should never attempt to repair, maintain or install gas pipes, fixtures, valves, meters or any other natural gas distribution appliances on your own. It is extremely dangerous and our professional team is happy to perform these services for you because it’s what we do best.

Gas fitting services in Calgary

We are based in Calgary and service all surrounding areas from Banff to Airdrie. Whether you are looking for new gas fittings to be installed, need your current ones redone or repaired, you can count on us. Since our inception in 2005, Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. has been providing gas fitting services to businesses and homes across Calgary and its environs. There are no gas fitting services that we can’t handle and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We are professionals who work hard to ensure that your gas appliances work without fail.

Emergency gas plumbing fittings

Improperly installed or faulty gas fittings can cause dangerous leaks. When gas burns incorrectly, it exposes the air to poisonous carbon monoxide. In the event of a gas leak, call us immediately and make use of our emergency gas fitting services. If the company that previously installed your gas fittings did not do it properly, we’ll correct these failures ASAP to ensure you, your family and your employees aren’t breathing in noxious gases.

Whether you are looking to install a new natural gas barbeque in your home or wish to convert your office to run on natural gas, we’ll ensure all your needs are met. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with someone from our gas fitting team.