3 Possible Causes Of Low Hot Water Pressure

Low Hot Water Pressure

Dealing with low hot water pressure is certainly an inconvenience that you want to fix as soon as possible, especially because the cause of low hot water pressure could be something more serious, which could leave a lot of damage in its wake if not repaired quickly.

The causes of low hot water pressure can vary, and the low water pressure may be specific to one area of your home, or you may have low hot water pressure throughout your home. Did it happen immediately or has it been a long-term problem? As you can see, there are many different factors at play. However, here are some common causes.

1. Your Pipes or Faucets Are Clogged

The leading cause of low hot water pressure is typically sediment, rust, calcium deposits, and other debris that is either in the plumbing lines or the faucet itself. This can happen over time, especially if you have galvanized pipes. In other words, if you have been experiencing this problem for a while now, it is quite possible that your pipes may be clogged. If the problem is isolated to a couple of different fixtures, this is also likely a strong possible cause. If you live in an area with hard water, again, it is likely that your pipes or faucets are clogged.

2. You Have a Partially Closed Valve

The most innocuous cause of low hot water pressure is simply that the valve responsible for controlling the flow of water could have become partially closed. If your home is only affected by low hot water as opposed to both low cold and hot water, it is likely that your water heater’s valve is the cause.

3. You Have Leaky or Broken Pipes

A more serious cause of low hot water pressure is leaky or broken pipes. If you are experiencing low hot water pressure throughout your home, this may be the case. Check for any damp carpets or leaks on the wall.

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